Engaging with Innovators: CHOICE at Water Innovation Europe 2024

The CHOICE project was recently presented at the Water Innovation Europe 2024 Conference, by our esteemed partner Antonia Lorenzo, CEO and R&D Director of BIOAZUL.

Water Innovation Europe is the leading event for the European water sector, focusing on building a water-secure, sustainable, and resilient Water-Smart Society. This premier event, dedicated to shaping the future of water management, brings together high-level EU decision-makers, scientists, and experts to discuss cutting-edge water technologies and sustainability practices.

Highlighting CHOICE's mission and approach

Antonia Lorenzo represented CHOICE at the Water and Sustainable Agrifood System Working Group meeting on June 19, alongside the main conference held from June 17-19, 2024. During her presentation, Antonia provided an overview of CHOICE' s aspiration to mainstream Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) in the Food, Agriculture, and Land Use sectors. By integrating behavior change and actor diversity into IAMs using a hybrid approach, the project's international partnership seeks to accelerate demand-side climate action.

A great emphasis was placed on the pilot campaigns of the project planned to demonstrate how local actions can be scaled to a global level to promote sustainable food consumption and production practices and reduce carbon footprints in the food chain.

Antonia also highlighted the innovative methods that are used by CHOICE, such as data storytelling, immersive technologies, and gamification, to engage stakeholders and the public and create a chain of climate-aware citizens and professionals in the food Agriculture, Food and Land Use Sectors.

Engaging with Innovators

The event provided an excellent opportunity for Antonia and the BIOAZUL team to discuss the CHOICE project with more than 300 business representatives and researchers. They spread the word about our consortium's ambitions and main concepts, gathering valuable feedback and inviting experts around the globe to join our Climate Choice movement to transform the food system for climate mitigation, one CHOICE at a time. Flyers were also distributed to attendees, expanding the reach of our project’s message to diverse audiences.

Conference Material

Explore the “CHOICE Project Overview” Presentation: Delivered by Antonia Lorenzo, BIOAZUL, at the Water and Sustainable Agrifood System Working Group meeting on June 19th. Download here

Discover the CHOICE Project Brochure: Dive into our goals, strategies, and innovations with the CHOICE Brochure. Download Here.