Forging a chain of Climate Choices

Pilot Campaigns

CHOICE is orchestrating large-scale awareness and campaigns to advocate for demand-side strategies in food production, consumption, and transportation. Utilizing a comprehensive suite of tools and methods, we aim to enlighten and empower citizens, producers, and key players in the food system to see their crucial role in the climate change story, unleashing an endless chain of climate-conscious choices. Are you curious about the effect of your food choices and how to be part of a sustainable future for your region? Discover our transformative activities in Greece, Austria, Spain, South Africa, and Colombia.

Motivating local women coffee producers to adopt sustainable production practices and reduce vulnerabilities in their communities and ecosystem.


Adopting sustainable farming practices for olives and livestock sector


Adoption of healthier, sustainable diets and reduction of food waste

South Africa

Adopting more healthy and sustainable food consumption lifestyle choices


Promoting sustainable grocery shopping choices in an online retail store