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30.01.2024. The 1st CHOICE press release is out! (link)

Unleashing the Chain of Choices

Explore our Project's Brand and Guidelines. Dive into the essence of our identity and learn how our distinctive two-hook chain logo embodies a continuous cycle of climate-conscious choices in the food chain.




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Brand book

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Discover the CHOICE Brochure and Roll-Up Banner with dimensions of 200x80cm, both available for download in a print-ready format.

CHOICE Brochure

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CHOICE roll-up banner


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Discover CHOICE Deliverables

In this section, you'll find the project's public deliverables, accessible and ready to explore upon official EU approval.


WP2. Modelling and promoting behaviour change around food towards IPCC goals 

D2.1 Stakeholders Mapping framework and list, Public, M8 (PDF)

D2.2 Design framework for the CHOICE campaigns, interventions and messages, Public, M10 (PDF)


WP3. Mainstreaming IAM Modelling

D3.1 Stakeholder workshops for co-design, review and use the ISE, Public, M18 (PDF)

D3.4 Dataset of feasible societal change scenarios for dietary shifts and food waste reduction on a global scale for each country and accompanying report, Public, M30 (PDF)

D3.6 Final versions for the online interactive simulation environment (CHOICE ISE) and FABLE calculator, Public, M30 (PDF)


WP4. Immersive digital tools to support behaviour change and action on food mitigation

D4.1 Review of digital tools for promoting food mitigation measures, Public, M8 (PDF)

D4.4 Final portfolio of CHOICE data stories, Public, M32 (PDF)


WP5. Assessment of climate pathways and tradeoffs with biodiversity, health and other SDGs

D5.1 Release of the scenario narratives and their quantitative drivers, Public, M10 (PDF)

D5.2 Report on the greenhouse gas mitigation potential from food system interventions, Public, M30 (PDF)

D5.4 Guide on capacity building workshops for GLOBIOM and FABLE calculator, Public, M32 (PDF)

D5.5 Publication of FABLE policy brief to present the scenario findings to a non-expert audience, Public, M36 (PDF)


WP6. European and international demonstrations to support demand-side measures in food production, consumption and transport chain

D6.1 CHOICE Pilot Action plans initial version and evaluation indicators, Public, M18 (PDF)

D6.2 Report on the results of the food consumption pilots demonstrations (Austria, Greece, South Africa) and evaluation, Public, M36 (PDF)

D6.3 Report on the results of the food production pilot demonstrations (Spain, Colombia) and evaluation, Public, M36 (PDF)

WP7. Impact creation, outreach and exploitation

D7.1 Project website, Public, M3 (PDF)

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