BIOAZUL SL is a highly innovative SME engineering, focused on process engineering, wastewater treatment and water reuse concepts. Founded in 2003 by a group of multidisciplinary professionals bringing experience from research to market, BIOAZUL strategy is based on three main pillars:  

  • R&D and innovation on new and sustainable technologies and products. 
  • Internationalization. 
  • Highly qualified team members.

Apart from providing integrated solutions to our clients, designing, constructing and commissioning tailor-made complete treatment and water production systems for urban and industrial applications, designing control modules and control philosophy, BIOAZUL offers as well technical assistance for the optimization, validation and management of our industrial clients’ production plants and control systems.

In addition to our technical expertise in developing eco-innovative water solutions, our company has assumed the role of general or administrative coordinator of several national and international research projects (Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia) and has, thus, gained a deep understanding of all administrative and financial procedures for the successful management of private and public funded R&D&I projects. Up to now, BIOAZUL has actively participated in 53 International projects within the FP6, the FP7 and the current H2020 program, as well as in some the EACI programs (Intelligent Energy Europe and CIP-Eco-Innovation), PRIMA, Erasmus +, having coordinated 31, 11 as general coordinator and 20 as administrative coordinator.

BIOAZUL also acts as IP and Exploitation Manager in several international projects such as FIT4REUSE, Water2Return, CARDIMED and Rich Water, as well as taking over the Communication and dissemination work package/tasks in the following projects: SOCRATCES, SuWaNu Europe, Water2Return, EnviGuard among others. This work has allowed us to enlarge our products and services portfolio, as well as to create an extensive network of contacts, integrated by all kinds of public and private entities of international prestige around the world. 

Moreover, BIOAZUL actively promotes gender equality and women empowerment and is very active as member of international and national associations, platforms and initiatives, what also gives us access to extensive networks of relevant stakeholders in different thematic areas at European, national and regional level. 

Finally, during the last years and thanks to all the experience acquired, we have implemented our training and dissemination background, developing specific activities for our partners, clients and collaborators like:  

  • Tailor-made training activities on international funding and management for R&D&I programs. 
  • Consultancy and training related to the strategy of capitalizing on project outcomes, the intellectual property of said outcomes, plans for their use, internal and external risks associated with the project, contingency plans, etc.  
  • Organization of relevant events such as national and international conferences, workshops, demonstration open days, etc.  
Role in CHOICE

BIOAZUL is active in circular economy and promoting a fair and resilient food system, including the exploration the cross-cultural variations that exist amongst consumers in terms of awareness, information gaps, and attitudes towards food waste and disposal patterns. 

In CHOICE, BIOAZUL is supporting stakeholder mapping along the food supply and food consumption chain, facilitating pilot participatory sessions to enable and map citizen engagement opportunities, helping define a framework and create a plan to figure out who consumes and provides food considering factors such as location considering gender, economic status, age, size of business involved etc…

BIOAZUL leverages its active connections with the Spanish and Colombian pilot demonstration partners and supports the engagement methodology and design of the campaigns therein. In Spain, collaborating with the CAAND association, comprising over 291,000 farmers and livestock producers and 659 agriculture cooperatives, the pilot aims to showcase the impact of the adoption of a plethora of sustainable farming practices in olive groves and livestock production. In Colombia under the collaborative partnership with SUP and Tecni, engaging more than 487 women smallholder coffee producers, active members of AMUCC, the focus of the pilot demonstration is on the benefits of adopting sustainable coffee production practices and food consumption lifestyle choices. Enhanced by the generated virtual clusters of farmers and the synergies between coffee producers, more insightful representations of the individual impact and its contribution to the wider communities, will be achieved.

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