Introducing CHOICE brand

Today, that climate change arise as a global formidable challenge, the CHOICE initiative emerges as a beacon of transformative change in food and agriculture sectors which are the world’s largest industries but also the large contributors in global GHG emissions.

The driving force behind CHOICE is the ambition to contribute to the 1.5°C climate goal by influencing behavioral and lifestyle changes. The focus is on the demand side—encouraging a diverse array of actors to adopt more sustainable practices. By doing so, CHOICE aims to create a domino effect that resonates through the entire food chain, ushering in a holistic shift towards sustainability.

At the core of CHOICE are Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), which serve as the compass for policy makers to draft efficient climate mitigation policies by making informed decisions. Within CHOICE these models are enhanced and made accessible, enabling citizens and stakeholders to see themselves in the story of climate change understanding the impact of their everyday food-related choices. The project also leverages large-scale engagement campaigns, behavioural and marketing methods and immersive digital tools and enablers to broaden its reach and deepen its impact.

The idea behind

The CHOICE Brand

The CHOICE BRAND represents a powerful concept that revolves around the idea that significant climate-conscious change in the food system can only be achieved through a continuous series of climate-aware choices. These choices, made by both individuals and professionals, have the potential to create a collective movement of climate-conscious citizens and experts. The core message of the CHOICE brand is that climate action is magnified by every decision, whether big or small, within the food system. Whether it's a small-scale farmer adopting sustainable practices or a large food corporation opting for a low-carbon diet, each action contributes to a broader and more substantial impact on the climate. The brand's tagline, "Mainstreaming mitigation pathways for a climate-conscious change in the food system," encapsulates the central focus of the project's activities and objectives.

"Mainstreaming mitigation pathways for a climate-conscious change in the food system" is the CHOICE brand tagline describe the core of the project activities and pursuits.

A symbol of Connection and Continuity

The CHOICE logo

The central element of the CHOICE brand is its logo, which is a powerful visual representation of its mission. The logo consists of two interconnected “C” letters, forming a chain-like structure.

The first “C” letter is derived from the word “Choice” and represents the initial step towards making climate-aware food consumption and production choices. It symbolizes the beginning of a journey towards more sustainable practices within the food system.

The flipped “C” in the logo signifies an ongoing and interconnected sequence of choices. It underscores the idea that every decision made by individuals and actors within the food system is linked together, creating a collective impact on the environment. This interconnectedness highlights how the choices of all food system participants, from small-scale farmers to large food corporations, contribute to a larger environmental outcome.

Overall, the logo icon illustrates an endless succession of choices, each playing a role in driving a climate-conscious behavioural and lifestyle shift of actors within the food chain. It visually represents the concept that meaningful change in the food system comes from a continuous series of climate-aware choices, reinforcing the CHOICE brand’s message and mission.

A call for action

Be part of the Chain

CHOICE invites everyone to join the Climate Choices chain of change. By acknowledging the importance of each decision and embracing our shared responsibility, we can build a more robust and resilient food system.

CHOICE is not just a research project; It’s a call for action. It signifies a dedication to a sustainable future where every choice holds significance. Together, we can work towards a sustainable future for our planet, one choice at a time.