New Video Release: Discover our Path to a Sustainable Food System!

The wait is finally over! Ready to dive into the world of CHOICE and discover our mission to reshape the food system towards a sustainable future? Our first YouTube video is here, offering an inside look at what we aim to achieve, one climate choice at a time.

At the core of our mission are Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), powerful tools that policymakers use to design impactful climate mitigation policies. Through CHOICE, we’re focusing on demand-side mitigation, aiming to drive substantial behavioral and lifestyle changes in Agriculture, Food, and Land Use sectors. By enhancing these powerful policy models with actors’ diverse characteristics and embedding them into their decision making process CHOICE aspires to accelerate climate action.

The project unites difference disciplines, from marketing and social sciences to cutting-edge technology tools, and organizes large-scale engagement campaigns across four continents, to spearhead sustainable food choices on a global scale.

As you watch our video, we invite you to join us in making a difference. Whether you’re a policymaker, researcher, or concerned citizen, your choices matter for our climate. Follow us as we explore the tangible impact of climate-conscious choices and work with us to create a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. Watch our video and be part of the Climate Choice movement today!