The process of obtaining an excellent cup of coffee starts with the efforts of hundreds of coffee growers on their farms. Without them, it would be impossible to obtain such a high-quality product. For more than 25 years, SUPRACAFÉ has worked directly at establishing a strong relationship with both the farmers themselves and the cooperatives of producers that they belong to.

We are recognized by Business Call to Action – UNDP for developing inclusive business with Colombian women coffee farmers focused on producing high-quality arabica coffees but also on innovation to develop the way in which coffee is processed and in implementing new technologies to support farmers and quality.

As a producer, our commitment is to social and environmental sustainability, innovation, and recovery of shady coffee plantations in the region of Cauca in Colombia, to produce an exclusive and limited production of coffee collection of the most noble varieties of coffee

Role in CHOICE

The main role of SUPRACAFE in CHOICE is motivating local women coffee producers to adopt sustainable production practices and reduce vulnerabilities in their communities and ecosystem in Cauca region– Colombia. At the SUPRACAFE processing plant, GHG emissions and other impacts will be estimated, including fuel usage, waste levels, and co-products generated. Engagement campaigns will utilize the social media profiles of producers, supplemented by workshops and hands-on sessions organized by SUPRACAFE. The emphasis will be on mitigating community risks associated with rising temperatures and climate change impacts.

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