LIBRA AI Technologies


LIBRA AI Technologies is a Boutique Data Science Agency aiming to bring advanced Machine Learning and AI Business Intelligence into real-life applications. The company is focusing on R&D activities to stay up to date with the latest advances in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. 

As a research-intensive SME, LIBRA AI pioneers in various cutting-edge ML technologies, including streaming/online Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing, multiple time-series forecasting, anomaly detection, recommender systems and distributed ML. Application areas vary from Indoors positioning to audio-visual data classification and from question/answering in text data to AI-enabled Business Intelligence.

Role in CHOICE

LIBRA will coordinate the activities for the development of the CHOICE immersive digital tools that will be utilized in the course of the project to facilitate behavior change and drive action towards food mitigation measures. In this context, LIBRA will create engaging data storytelling visualizations and narratives based on the users profiles and main engagement campaign messages to present the final portfolio of CHOICE data stories. In addition, LIBRA will also take charge of building the A/B testing API and establishing a data warehouse for monitoring user behavior in the projects engagement campaigns. Serving as the project’s dissemination manager, LIBRA AI will establish, manage, and coordinate primary communication channels of the project, ensuring seamless collaboration among all stakeholders for the successful implementation of project communication objectives and activities.

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