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InoSens is a dynamic digital innovation house with an experienced and skilled team ready to deliver innovative solutions, technologies, and consultancy services in a sustainable manner. They have over 20 years of experience in European Union-funded projects and provide support for identifying potential and attracting grants for research and development, partnerships with key players in the international innovation scene, writing project proposals, and successful project implementation management. As a highly experienced and dynamic team, InoSens listens to partners’ demands, analyzes their needs, and together defines the most suitable strategy for developing, executing, and managing your business innovations and R&D efforts.

InoSens offers practical solutions and knowledge to our partners and collaborators, focused on communication, marketing, and ICT research and innovation project development.

Role in CHOICE

InoSens plays an integral role in the project. With a focus on communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, as well as on liaisons, InoSens is the driving force behind disseminating project results. InoSens establishes vital links with scientific, policy, and industry entities, to amplify CHOICE’s global impact. It spearheads awareness campaigns, employing CHOICE Ambassadors for maximum impact on climate-conscious change in the food chain. Furthermore, InoSens navigates the post-project landscape by crafting an exploitation plan and business strategy, ensuring CHOICE’s impact beyond the project’s lifetime. In collaboration with partners, InoSens takes the lead, transforming climate action into a shared, sustainable future.

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