Inoqo is a technology company providing a scalable (SaaS) platform for product impact assessment to grocery retailers and food and beverage (F&B) brands. The platform automates the assessment and communication of the environmental and social impact of F&B products, addressing the growing demand for transparency and sustainability in the industry.

34% of our global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions can be traced back to our global food system, 70% of these are directly linked to the product supply chain of grocery retailers. This means that when reducing their impact, retailers have the most leverage in reducing their Scope 3 emissions (indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain) through optimising their products, shifting their sales mix towards more sustainable products and nudging consumers to more sustainable consumption patterns.

Inoqo offers a highly scalable solution that plans to combine multidimensional impact assessment and optimization capabilities. This sets inoqo apart from other LCA software consultant agencies, labeling standards, and B2B solutions that lack scalability or comprehensive assessment and optimization features.

The target market for inoqo includes leading grocery retailers and F&B brands across Europe. By addressing the holistic impact of products inoqo aligns with retailers’ sustainability goals (or SBTi) and stimulates network effects among listed brands.

It is more important than ever for retailers and brands to assess, optimise and communicate the impact of their products in a transparent way, which in turn will allow consumers to engage and easily identify sustainable alternatives and lower their consumption’s impact.

Role in CHOICE

In the CHOICE project, Inoqo will play a key role in creating an impactful and engaging experience for consumers to trigger and maintain the adoption of climate-friendly food consumption habits. This will be achieved through the development and customization of immersive digital tools, including a platform for assessing the environmental impacts of food products. These tools will be linked to the results of the CHOICE Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), which simulate the global impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. By providing consumers with impact insights into the far-reaching consequences of consumer food choices, Inoqo will empower retail stores consumers to make informed decisions that contribute to climate change mitigation. To further support consumer engagement, Inoqo’s retail partners will encourage consumers to adopt sustainable practices and promote positive social norms around climate-friendly food consumption. Additionally, Inoqo’s retail partners will lead the large-scale pilot campaigns, applying its digital tools to thousands of consumers and measuring their impact on individual and collective behavior. The results of these pilot campaigns will provide valuable data to refine Inoqo’s tools and inform the development of future interventions to promote sustainable food consumption worldwide. In summary, Inoqo’s expertise in digital and immersive technologies will be instrumental in the CHOICE project, as the company will develop and deploy innovative tools to educate, motivate, and empower consumers to make sustainable food choices that contribute to climate change mitigation.

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