Environmental Reliability and Risk Analysis


Environmental Reliability and Risk Analyses (ERRA) -an SME- specializes in the area of Reliability Engineering and Safety Analysis. It was funded in 2001 in Athens. Employing a dynamic team of skilled engineers and computer scientists, ERRA channels its expertise towards the intricate domains of reliability and risk analysis for complex systems, data management, and advanced visualization, delivering ground-breaking IT solutions that redefine industry standards. With a strategic focus on innovation, ERRA’s commitment is underscored by its continuous investment in Research and Development (R&D), which is further bolstered by substantial support from national and EU funds. 

ERRA’s extensive experience is not only reflected in its impactful research initiatives but also in its active participation in international research programs, proceedings, and scientific publications. With a diverse project portfolio ranging from safety and reliability analysis to technical management information systems, ERRA’s global presence and commitment to custom software development and integration services solidify its position as a reliable partner, capable of delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique demands of businesses worldwide.

Role in CHOICE

In the CHOICE project, ERRA actively participates in the implementation of randomized controlled trials and user behavioural tracking. Simultaneously, ERRA contributes to the development of improved IAM interfaces for enhanced user engagement. In the early stages, the organization collaborates on co-designing scenarios for assessing global food system transitions, towards climate neutrality. ERRA further contributes to exploring trade-offs with biodiversity, health and other SDGs. As the project progresses, ERRA actively participates in the Pilot Demonstration in Austria, Spain, and Greece, applying its expertise in practical contexts. Additionally, the organization contributes significantly to the delivery of D3.2, the first version of the interactive simulation environment for the FABLE calculator and FELIX IAM.

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