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About is on pure online supermarket, We offer a full range of grocery products to individuals and corporates, through our website or our on line app. 

e-Fresh is a Greek company that occupies almost 250 employees. Our operations are delivered through 3 independent warehouses and a fleet of 52 vehicles.  Each fulfillment center has a capacity to host c.15.000 SKUs and it is designed to support customers in the wider Attica region. Being technology lovers, we utilize automation and robotics to make sure that customer orders are fulfilled efficiently and in a timely manner. We are ISO certified and have placed quality control and food waste policies at the heart of our operations. 

We aim at excellent customer experience which starts by presenting our product offering through a user-friendly environment and continues all the way until the end delivery.  

Our dedicated customer service department is responsible for managing all customer queries and requests as well as for receiving and analyzing customer feedback through surveys and interviews. Our goal is to continuously improve our internal processes to secure the best customer experience to our customers.  

Lastly, the company has a in house marketing and development team responsible for the website development and brand exposure through different channels, including social media. 

In summary, our mission is to offer a comprehensive and convenient service to our customers and cover their grocery needs completely and successfully. Our selection and overall experience aim to fully replace the need for a physical journey, and we deliver this promise with absolute transparency, integrity and a fully customer centric attitude.

Role in CHOICE will be the enabler as the end user of the project where all the proposals and actions will be implemented in order to inform all our customers about the impact of the food consumption choices through their purchased products. Virtual focus groups through new technologies (focus groups and surveys) in order to capture and analyze their behaviors.

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