The Technological Innovation Park, TECNiCAFÉ, is a public-private, non-profit corporation of a transnational nature, unique in the world, created since October 2015, made up in a mixed manner by the institutional representatives of the Colombian State – Government of Cauca – , of the Sectoral entities – Federation of Coffee Growers -, private companies committed to knowledge management and innovation management for adding value to coffee, such as Supracafé, Multiscan Technologies and the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI by its acronym in English) and the producing communities, such as the Association of Women Coffee Growers of Cauca AMUCC.

TECNiCAFÉ manages knowledge, promotes entrepreneurship, technological development, productive and social innovation and the transfer of knowledge and technology for the production and marketing of quality, high-value coffees for the world’s coffee community.

Through technological validations, developments and innovations that have been co-created with entrepreneurs and the transfer of knowledge aimed at more than 60,000 people, actors in the value chain, TECNiCAFÉ promotes the comprehensive use of the resources of the coffee ecosystem, providing coffee growing tools that promote articulation with scientific communities to establish business initiatives that contribute to closing social and technological gaps in coffee growing.

Role in CHOICE

TECNiCAFÉ will lead the knowledge and technology transfer sessions on sustainable agricultural coffee systems, mainly the production of coffee cultivation under shade, the agro-industrial use of coffee co-products and the implementation of good production and processing practices, aimed at mitigating variability. climatic; which will be aimed at coffee growers from the Association of Women Coffee Growers of the Department of Cauca AMUCC, previously selected by Supracafé Colombia S.A.

TECNiCAFÉ will accompany the implementation of the pilot of technologies derived from the CHOICE IAM modeling framework (FABLE, GLOBIOM) on the farms of the selected coffee growers, where the climatic indices obtained thanks to the interaction with the technological tools are monitored. Together with SUPRACAFÉ, they will deliver the reports and systematization required by the project, as a result of the implementation of the pilot plan to be established in the department of Cauca, with the AMUCC women.

TECNiCAFÉ and SUPRACAFÉ Organise at least 3 large-scale campaigns and 4 annual challenges, 1 per quarter with CHOICE-related objectives.

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