Personal lifestyle app

One of the digital enablers the CHOICE project uses is the Inoqo app. The apps purpose is to contribute to the mitigation of the climate and biodiversity crises, by promoting more sustainable consumption patterns and supporting consumers to overcome the value-action-gap, thereby accelerating the uptake of more sustainable production.  

To this end, the app empowers users to passively track their accumulated grocery purchases and consequently provides them with important feedback on the purchased products. Users receive immediate feedback on their purchases, such as CO2-emissions of the products, and guidance regarding social aspects, animal welfare and additional environmental topics.  

On top of product specific information, users can see a climate score calculated based on each purchase, to see the progress of their shopping behaviour over time. Additionally, users can read interesting articles and other resources about food sustainability, opt in for monthly challenges, aiming at purchasing more sustainable food alternatives and receive awards based on the sustainability of their purchases. In this way, the app’s users are encouraged to conveniently adopt a more sustainable consumption behaviour one step at a time and make a sustainable lifestyle more fun.  

The app is based on the inoqo impact estimator, which aims to accurately estimate the impact of hundreds of thousands of food and beverage products from a climate, biodiversity and health perspective, leveraging publicly available data such as ingredients, calories, nutritional values, etc. This methodology uses Life-Cycle-Assessment for these products including CO2 emissions, land-use, water-use and other factors.  

In CHOICE, the impact results will be enhanced using IAM outputs, allowing for a more global perspective of each individual’s actions and consumption habits. Moreover, the product’s campaign strategy, nudging and gamification elements will be correlated with the CHOICE behavioural science methodology, including A/B testing and CHOICE behaviour models, in order to improve results, challenges, and interventions.  

As concerns the sustainable producers and groceries retailers that the inoqo app is collaborating with, they will have the chance to embed information on the environmental, societal and health impacts of their product’s footprint in their value proposition to their customers, which is sourced from widely accepted scientific tools (IAM models and SDG analysis in the project).