One promising yet wholly untapped area in regards to climate change is the integration of environmental and social tasks in Massively Multiplayer Games (MMGs) and in widely used flight simulators, in order to achieve behavioural change. The various forms of gaming available (both serious games, also referred to as games with a purpose, and traditional video games) are an interesting, new way of engaging the public and can be used to raise environmental and climate change awareness, while at the same time collecting new and beneficial information. The estimated 3.24 billion gamers globally, of which the highest share is in Asia, followed by Europe, more than doubled in the last 10 years to a global market value of 178 billion dollars in 2021.  

Hence in CHOICE we will leverage this enormous gaming communitiy to both collect vast quantities of new and needed information and simultaneously effect behavioural change. We will gamify the results of the IAM scenarios, creating various landscapes which will then be fed into an MMG in the form of a mini-game.  

CHOICE will demonstrate not only a new and innovative way of data collection via gaming but will simultaneously be a unique opportunity to reach out to new groups within society to raise awareness of global, environmental problems linked to lifestyle and dietary choices.