Engaging Data Storytelling exploration

Data storytelling emerges as a powerful approach to communication, bridging the gap between raw data and meaningful insights. Recognizing that facts alone often fail to engage, data storytelling combines logical data with the ethical and emotional appeal of a narrative. This approach involves three key elements: the factual data itself, visually compelling presentation, and a narrative structure.  

In CHOICE, a variety of mediums and formats will be utilized to deliver engaging data stories, eg. scroll evolving or interractive webpages, data visualisation augmented journal articles, story-enriched data dashboards and even elaborated inforgraphics.  

An impactful feature CHOICE will explore is interactivity, unabling users to interact with the information on screen and potentially adapt content to suit better to a certain user profile. Data story telling is highly flexible to incorporate modern marketing and advertisement delivery practices. The ad sequences is a typical example, where the advertisement/story is not exposed in one iteration, but in sequences that gradually reveals the entire story to the audience via pre-defined stages.  

CHOICE pilots have the potential for creating engaging data stories that can drive behaviour change, help consumers appreciate the impact of their choices (e.g. fostering consumption of low environmental footprint food) and enlighten general audience on key environmental issues and targets, (according to 1.5 oC pathways). To achieve this the CHOICE IAMs outcomes regarding carbon emissions, health and biodiversity will be exploited along with an extensive range of relative studies and datasets.  

Infographic explicitely desinged for CHOICE using food-related data from various credible sources